Steve WormleyEly, MN
The Pedalcoupe® is an exciting, sporty and fun cycle. Everyone we met stopped us to ask about the Pedalcoupe. My friends and family thought it was great, and found it very easy to use.

Priscilla SchmidtNampa, ID
I adore my Pedalcoupe. It is one of the greatest purchases I have ever made! I love to ride it everywhere and do so nearly everyday. You don't have to worry about your balance like you do with a bicycle or a recumbent bike, and whenever you need to rest you can just stop, even on a hill.

Michael RybakMinneapolis, MN
I've been looking for a quad cycle for years and have tried several models of recumbent cycles, but I found them crude and unrefined compared to the Pedalcoupe. Man, the looks we get. This cycle can get up and boogie. I am so impressed by the Pedalcoupe. I want to be a part of this team.

Gary MillerSlidell, LA
I've had a blast riding about on my Pedalcoupe. It reminds me of my 4-wheel drive pickup when it comes to handling things like wet grass and mud with it's unique posi-traction control and multiple gearing options. I've also noticed that wherever I go I am the center of attraction. Besides great performance this is one quadcylce with excellent visual appeal.

Edward VanKeulenWaconia, MN
Owning a quad cycle was the furthest from my mind until I saw the Pedalcoupe. I had given up riding bicycles long ago, because of how sore my wrists got. I find riding the Pedalcoupe very relaxing.

Catherine RadcliffeIthaca, NY
The Pedalcoupe is the most fun I've had in a long time. I can take my child with me wherever I go and he loves it. The electric assist is wonderful. It is hard to believe, but with electric assist, the Pedalcoupe is even more fun! It takes this cycle to a whole new level.

John CallahanMarshfield, WI
I wouldn't dream of riding a bicycle, but the Pedalcoupe is easy to operate even with the arthritis in my hands and wrists. It is simply the most comfortable cycle I have ever owned.

Greg and Judy FesenmaierBurnsville, MN
We've never seen anything like it before. It is easy to ride from the very start, and is so relaxing. My children fight over who gets to ride in the child seat and we feel better knowing our kids are safe and close enough to hand them the water bottle. We were so impressed by how steep an incline the Pedalcoupe can climb.

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