The Pedalcoupe® is constructed out of high tech materials. The 6061 aluminum alloy frame is light weight and rust free. The hand crafted composite seat is designed for comfort. The pedals are adjustable to accommodate riders of different heights. The extreme shifting range is accomplished by a combination of Shimano Megarange 7-speed rear axle with a 300% internally geared Jack shaft. High quality Shimano shifting system and break levers that lock for parking complete the package. A unique design feature is its posi-traction control system, that gives unsurpassed traction on all surfaces by transferring power to both rear tires. A turning radius of 8 feet allows you to turn around in the width of a driveway. Custom options include aerospace technology carbon fiber rims with 120 psi high performance tires. Available in not just one, but three standard color packages, with other colors available as a custom option.

Multi-color Pedalcoupe Specifications:

Weight (Average Model) 57 lbs (25.9 kg)
Width 34 in. (86.36 cm)
Ground Clearance 6 in. (15.24 cm)
Turning Radius 8 feet (2.44 meters)
Crank Revolutions 3:1 to 1:7
Dissassembled Size 12 in. x 30 in. x 40 in.
(30.48 cm x 86.36 cm x 106.68 cm)

Red Quadcycle Side View Features:

Megarange Gearing
Aluminum and Composite Construction
Posi-traction Control


Custom Colors
Color Parts Accents
Component Upgrades
Electrical Assist
Trunk/Child Seat

Color Options:
Standard Rim Colors:

Black Wheel

Silver Wheel
Bright Silver

Yellow Wheel
Bright Yellow

Standard Seat and
Frame Colors:

Black Seat
Seat - Satin Black
Frame - Racing Red

Gray Seat
Seat - Satin Gray
Frame - Stealth Black

Yellow Seat
Seat - Satin Yellow
Frame - Phantom White

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