Who should own a Pedalcoupe®?
Anyone who enjoys biking but is afraid to bike because of balance concerns.
Anyone who desires a more comfortable ride.
Anyone with neck and wrist problems, which can be aggravated by traditional cycles.
Anyone who wants the convenience of having a children right behind them.
Anyone whose children dislike the confines of enclosed bike trailers.
Anyone who wants to help save the environment by biking to the store, school or library or work.
Anyone who wants to get some exercise and have some fun.
Anyone who enjoys biking.
Anyone who wants electric assist.
Anyone who has ever wanted to ride a recumbent without the fear of falling off one.

How much will a Pedalcoupe cost me?
The base model Pedalcoupe comes with head & tail lights, mag wheels, rear view mirror and two water bottles as standard features. The cost is $1895.00 with shipping via standard freight at 50% off in the contiguous United states. For a complete list of options and their pricing see the order form page.

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