David Sauter
David Sauter, President of Pedalworks Inc.
Contact Information

Phone: 1-800-920-4060

Address: 14350 Country Road 45
Carver, MN 55315

Email: sales@pedalcoupe.com

The Pedalcoupe® is a four-wheeled, recumbent cycle, the product of decades of engineering and design. Created by David P. Sauter, president of Studio 3D Inc. and Pedalworks Inc. David's lifelong interest in biking has given him a unique perspective on the biking industry. A childhood of building

custom bicycles progressed to stunt riding and ultimately transitioned into racing road bikes and finally, extreme mountain biking. His work experiences include design and engineering for several national companies including Rowbike, Fitness Master, Minnesota Testing Systems and Tonka Toys. The Pedalcoupe was born out of David's desire to create a human powered vehicle that didn't require the rider to focus all of his energy on balance. This allows the rider the freedom to relax and enjoy the ride. After building and testing numerous prototypes, including three wheeled cycles and recumbent bicycles, he was convinced that a quad cycle could be built that was both practical and comfortable. Concern for the environment has also played an important role in the design of the Pedalcoupe. The four wheeled design with it's custom trunk/child seat can carry more weight and a larger load than a bicycle with cumbersome side packs. The Pedalcoupe can carry your groceries or a small child with ease.

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